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"Why Are You Offering This For FREE?"
"Is There A Catch?"
Great question, and we're glad you asked!
We truly believe that we can help you to identify your child's specifc roadblock when it comes to primary math.
Once we have 'diagnosed' where the problem is, we can explain to you how the specific roadblock can be resolved, thereby allowing your child to improve in math with less effort.
Some parents that request the free consultation find our input so useful that they decide to send their kids to our paid math coaching classes.
So that's what's in it for us - we hope that we can offer you so much value in our conversation with you that you'll consider giving our intro class or full class a try.
Either way, whether you choose to sign up for our paid classes or not - we are absolutely certain that you're going to learn something valuable about your child in the free consultation, and it won't cost you a single cent.

So it's a no brainer. 100% risk FREE.

Cynthia Khoo

Program Manager
Math Scholars
We Will Explain How To Boost Your Child's 
Math Grades In 20 Minutes... for FREE!

In this FREE session, you will learn:

WHERE your child is finding difficulties and roadblocks
(this is usually not obvious)
WHY your child may struggle with certain types of problem sums (there are 3 common reasons why this happens)
HOW to empower your child so that he/she is confident in solving problem sums (and actually enjoys it)
WHAT to do in order to have consistent improvement in grades and enjoyment from math (yes, it is possible for your child to enjoy math even if he/she hates math now!)

What Parents Have Said About Us


Children learn best when the learning process is fun. We put the enjoyment back into math. There's no need to nag your child any longer.


There are 11 heuristic concepts that your child should know. Once mastered, it will cut their homework time IN HALF.


Our 5-step process skills will ensure that your child has a systematic way of solving ANY math question…and checking their work for careless mistakes.


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